My Dally Babbling #24

Hello, my dear readers  :”)

It has been very… very… long time we couldn’t see each other. Maybe it has been one year apart? LOL, I didn’t count it. Last we met, I just wanted to inform you guys, that I had some projects that I should do so that is why I could not update any stories. And, time flies, I didn’t realize, I am in my third years of study so I was so freaking busy to my lovely schedule  :”.

And, we even didn’t know that we will face this kind of accident. The disease (we know it all and yes, COVID-19 :’) ) is gonna be burst too much. All people should take care of themself so we have to stay at home as long as possible and delay all our plans this year. Such as works, study, and many more.

And I hope you guys can accompany me in release my freaking stressful because of this trial to stay at home make me the old student should cancel all my plan, tho. So sad #cry.

Anyways, I am glad to can join again 😀

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